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Instant Foundation® Systems
Soil-Retaining/Commercial Construction and Repair

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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you.

Helical Piers Canada is a division of CJ Contracting.  We are the certified distributor and installer of AB Chance Helical Piers in Northwestern Ontario and the Province of Manitoba.

Helical Piers Canada can assist you in reducing expenses and speeding up the remediation process of contaminated soil projects.  Our process involves the installation of Helical  Pier Supports under the foundation, allowing the removal of all contaminated soil underneath, without the need to move the structure.  We are confident that this process alone will save you thousand of dollars on your oil remediation claims.

We have worked closely with geo-technical engineers and environmental consultants to determine the extent of soil removal required and to ensure that the remediated site meets the Ministry of Environment Guidelines.

We can stabilize slope failures and provide stability to buildings that are built on poor soil.   Some other problems that we can repair are foundation problems, houses built on poor or unstable soil, sinking foundations, cracked walls, eroded soils, slope failures.

These piles may also be used for foundations in new construction.

These piers have the same amount of tension bearing capacity as load bearing capacities.  Which makes them ideal for anchoring telephone poles, pipe lines, banks and retaining walls.